Yoga Sutras 1-16

The first 16 Yoga Sutras – broken down for a believer in Jesus Christ.

1.1.         Be in the now. Be present. (Presence is when all your senses agree at the same time.)
1.2.         Calm the mind.
1.3.         When you practice calming the mind and quieting the vrittis (the noises in our heads) you can hear what God is teaching and patiently revealing to you.
1.4.         Otherwise we will believe our thoughts and get stuck in our own thought patterns.
1.5.         There are 5 types of vrittis.
1.6.         The vrittis are: right knowledge, misconception, conceptualization, memory, and sleep. They are stem from our separation from God. Not from the love of God-rather the separation because of sin.
1.7.         The sources of right Knowledge=direct perception (see a fire) + inference (smell a fire) + authoritative testimony (the fireman tells you there is a fire)
1.8.         If left to our own thought patterns, we can take a kernel of truth, a verse, a quote and create our own reality.
1.9.         Imagination – when I come up with stories in my own head.
1.10.      Sleep is not yoga – it does not count as living in the now.
1.11.      Memories may not be reliable.
1.12.      We can retrain the mind with practice and nonattachment. “You will discover that if you let go of people, situations that you believe you need, you  did not need them to get to where you were going. – Christine Cain
1.13.      Effort toward steadiness. Ground to stand – effort and consistency while practicing learning to live in the moment. My foundation is built not on myself, but on the full conviction that God is who He says He is. My daily life should reflect my desire to live from that truth...)
1.14.      Practice of enthusiasm, without break and compassion. [Courage to keep moving forward?}  "Be joyful in hope, be patient in affliction, be faithful in prayer." - Romans 12:12
1.15.      Do it out of love. “You work from approval, not for approval” – Christine Cain
1.16.      Non-attachment is perfected when my goals are His goals.” When the Son of God reveals Himself in me, and I serve Him in the ordinary ways of life out of devotion to Him… to be brought into the ‘zone’ of God.” – Oswald Chambers

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