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“All in me is silent and … I am immersed in the silence of God.” It is in solitude that we come to experience the “silence of God” and so receive the inner silence that is the craving of our hearts.”
- Catherine de Haeck Doherty and Richard J. Foster

-Certified through Yoga Works at the 200-hour level
-9 years of fitness instruction (Held previous certifications through Stott Pilates, American Council on Exercise Group Instructor and Personal Trainer.)

I was a closet yogi for several years before I ever admitted to the fact out loud.
When I finally arrived at that moment, my practice had never gotten very far. I originally started yoga after taking a break from teaching Pilates. No matter what style of yoga I tried, I would try to keep it as "western-philosophy-focused" as possible. Meaning, my practice was motivated by the postures, with the eastern philosophy and meditation removed. I continued to practice this way until my oldest daughter asked me how I could practice yoga and be a Christian?

At this point in my practice, I had approached the mat with my goal being just learning the physical postures of a yoga (asana) practice. My answer was simple, I had separated the movement from the eastern tradition, and my time on the mat was not counteractive to my relationship with Christ.

At first, her question prompted me to change my practice and attempt to "westernize" it even further. Finally I chose just to altogether quit unrolling my mat. However, after a short break, the benefits of the slow movements and focused breathing brought me back to my mat. Only this time, I gave myself permission to allow my curiosity run, and attempt to discover what I really believed about practicing yoga - so I could move forward -either practicing yoga, or not – with a clear conscious and a bit more wisdom.

After some digging I found myself a copy of Christian Yoga by J. -M. Dechanet. J. -M. Dechanet was a French Monk who had completed his own research and had recorded his thoughts and beliefs about yoga as a believer in Jesus Christ. From his book, I had some answers. And not only did my doubts about whether is was an okay thing to do; but I discovered that I had much more to learn… with my yoga mat unrolled and God's Words in my heart.

Since then, my journey has continued, of course, with some interesting twists. Not only am I a yoga practitioner, but also a yoga teacher. Instead of avoiding meditation, I now practice daily-with the heart and mind of a Jesus-follower. I have forever, had the desire to inspire others to find joy. I know have the opportunity to share what I have learned with others through my classes and podcasts.

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