True North

 My first priority in life is to learn to know and love God more. That is my true north.

God's Words are the only words that are eternal, and those words are what I base my life on. Yoga's roots are found in indian philosophy. Knowing that, for the last several years I have gently been unrolling my yoga mat, praying that I would not lose sight of the necessity of Christ.  I love the practice, but have no desire to become confused where my true north really is. In the yoga sutras (the bible for devoted yogis) there is much written about God at it's roots - but a key difference is that Jesus Christ never appeared on the scene or in the sutras. So the way to God is through one's self - and that the process is a disciplined and lengthly one, quite possibly never reaching God within a person's lifetime.

God's Word is infallible, and is not to be added to. At times, I may dive into what some of the yoga sutras discuss - how they are to work themselves out on the mat and in life. However, I do not believe that the yoga sutras are to be an additional text to be used with the Bible. God's Word stands alone. They are more like additional study helps and tools to keep you rooted in Christ. So, at all times, when I present different lessons learned on the mat - that may help in actual life - they  always are to point heavenward, and not toward myself or to the East.

John 17:3 "Now this is eternal life: that they know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom You have sent."

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