Saturday, March 7, 2015

the breath of life.

(thought process….)

Each morning I begin the day reversing my "normal" breath pattern… Instead of just breathing, I focus to take deep inhales, with time for expansion into my lungs and stomach, then wait a moment, before I slowly exhale... emptying the lungs and stomach of all the breath I just took in. Again and again-making it my intensional pattern.

It isn't easy for me. It is sometimes frustrating, because the moment my mind wanders, my breathing returns to what has been comfortable for years. And years.

Just like my breathing patterns, I have many patterns that are comfortable, but not necessarily the best option. And as I breath, I pray God continues to take those old patterns, and transform them into the patterns He desires and has planned for me - my family - my friends - and those God brings into my life.

When I started this practice, I really didn't think I had time to fit this discipline into my life. Now I love this time - in the silence to slowly learn a new and better way to live this life.

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